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From trenches to driveways and crawl spaces to building foundations, our professional excavators are trained to carve out precisely the right amount space. We even offer vacuum excavation. With careful planning and execution, they'll safely dig out just the area that you want.


"Pat Barker of B&B Construction and crew were very honest, efficient and do very good work....We are very pleased with work and would use them again in the future."

- Mike Sellers

Excavation is a large undertaking with some inherent risks. Our entire team is fully insured to protect from any unforeseen issues arising during the digging process.


We take every necessary safety precaution to avoid any mishaps. We'll walk you through every step of the planning process to ensure you're comfortable with the work before we start.

Full insurance coverage

The dedication we have towards top notch excavation is carried over to all of our construction endeavors. We are continuously learning new skills and techniques so that we can consistently offer the best quality work.


Contact us today to discuss your construction plans. One of our experts can talk you through our various services to find the right fit for you.

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Our team here is dedicated to producing the finest quality work in every project they tackle. We're dedicated to quality and it shows in our workmanship.

Our experienced excavation team

You can trust our precision in excavation