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You can trust our experienced workers to build a sturdy pole or post frame structure for whatever your needs are. From barns to sheds, we can build any size or design you need. We will be happy to plan out the building plans with you to ensure maximum satisfaction.


"It was a pleasure working with his team and we are confident that you Wick design will last a lifetime. Kudos to you and B&B!"

-Brian Fletcher

To ensure the success of our projects, the first step is always extensive site planning. We conduct all grading and site preparation work, to take all the guess work out of the equation before we begin.


We offer our services for dirt work, pipe work, building pads, foundations, driveways, septic installation, drainage work and more as part of the site preparation process.

Planning and site work

As the top local construction company in the area, we pride ourselves on our long list of successful projects and long-term relationships with ongoing customers. We've truly earned our reputation for delivering high quality and cost effective building and construction work that exceeds expectations.


We encourage you to be a part of the process at every stage of your construction project.

Working for you

Our Wick Certified pole buildings make for the highest quality pole barns and garages you can find. With our quality workers on the job, you know you'll end up with a sturdy structure.

We're the garage and barn specialist you can trust

Sturdy structures that will last a lifetime

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